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Term 3 Week 7

Asylum Seekers should be processed offshore. - This means Asylum Seekers who come to Australia for asylum will be sent to another country until they can be identified and proven to be a genuine asylum seeker.

I think Asylum Seekers should not be processed offshore because there are some people who come to Australia looking for a home. If we process them offshore innocent people won't be able to escape the dangers they have left. (Jana)

I think its unfair if they get sent to another country because they just want a home. It's not going to hurt our country Australia. They have travelled a lot not knowing a word we speak and then they get kicked off our land. It's a bit selfish and its a free country for everyone to be welcomed NOT just let off. We have a lovely place why can't they too. [Georgina]

I believe that it is totally unfair for Asylum Seekers to have to go to another country until they can be identified to be a genuine Asylm Seeker because they have to risk their lives to go to Australia, and then when they arrived they would gave to go to another country! Imagine travelling for so long on rough seas, and when you finally get to your destination, you get told to go to another country. Asylum Seekers are people, so they should get treated like humans.(Son).

I agree that asylum seekers should not be sent to another country they came here thinking they are escaping the dangers of where the used to live
and going to a place were it is safe and no wars a place that doesn't have any enemies were they can live in peace and harmony.
They had the nerve to come here thinking they won't be sent anywhere else but when they get there they have to turn around and leave or go back to a
place were there are fights and wars .If its meant to be a FREE COUNTRY we should let them in and live a better life .I know lots of people who have friends
that are asylum seekers and that have turend out to be there best friends and grow up to be lovely people.WE HAVE TO TREAT THEM LIKE REAL PEOPLE
not just like trash. Milla

I agree with this statement. I think Asylum seekers should be sent to another country to be processed because Australia is trying very hard to cater to their needs and we do not want our detention centers to be filled with illegal immigrants. The Australian governement has a lot to worry about already, and with thousands and thousands of asylum seekers seeking protection in our country it adds more stress to the things that need to be done by the prime minister and the government. It is a good idea to send them to another country because it shows all of the asylum seekers in the future that it is better to apply for official refugee status before they arrive in Australia!. (Nina)

I think Asylum seekers should NOT be able to come here WHEN ever they like and get WHAT ever they want because it's just not how life goes.. Also, I think its a GREAT idea to send them to other countries to get processed because we don't want Australia clogged up with people from another country because eventually all the Australians will be asked to leave their home country so the Government can house Asylum seekers and then Australia wont be Australia, it'll be a warzone so the asylum seekers can fight to see who gets Australia since all the Australians have surrendered their country so that they could have a war.

I think Asylum seekers should be sent to another country so then if they are a terrorist they would not be able to do any damage to australia(Jack)
I belive that asylum seekers should not be processed off shore but be placed in a detention center because they have come from another country to be safe and you CAN NOT send them back because they have risked thier lives to come here and the send them back well that is just not fair. Once the government have processed the visa they can choose whether or not to send them back to thier own country or not. Also most Australians pay tax so the government should be able to cater for immigrants. (Maddie)

I believe asylum seekers shouldn't be sent offshore because imagine if you were an asylum seeker, looking for a home. You wouldn't like it if you had to be sent to another country instead of where you want to go. Asylum seekers want to have a happy, exciting and safe life where they want to be and they also risked their lives to come here. Finally, asylum seekers are humans and need to be treated like everyone else in this world who isn't an asylum seeker. (Daniel)