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I will start off the story and when you log in to complete your homework you can continue the story. When it is your turn write a paragraph that connects with the one before. Next to your contribution put your name in brackets.

It was a terrible day. In fact the worst day of my whole eleven years. Now you've probably heard people refer to days being the worst ever, but this was seriously the worst of my life of anyone's life. (Miss Sleaman)

So the day started like this it was a warm, bright, colourful and warming day so i thought it was a great time to go to the park so i did. I packed a bottle of water a hat some lunch and $10. I said bye to mum and off i went i brought my [[#|phone]] so i called my 2 friends to see if they would come so my 2 friends Bec and John came along but it didnt turn out as great as i planed i thought we could go for a day but it ended up as a night mare.(Georgina).
My friend [[#|John]] had to bring his annoying brother.Which was absolutely HORRIBLE! John's brother kept on asking me," are we there yet?" for the whole entire time, even when I said,"YES!" At the park, Bec, John and I, played piggy in the middle.Every single time, John's brother would say,"can I [[#|play]]?" and when we did let him [[#|play]] he would cheat! It was so frustrating.I got so mad that I shouted at him."Don't even try to make a cute face. It aint gonna work on me!", I shouted.Bec and John looked shocked.I sort of felt bad [[#|now]].Knowing that I should have kept all my thoughts inside." I'm really sorry John!" I said sadly.(Son).

John wasnt listening. He was looking behind me with fear in his eyes and shock on his face. I turned around to see a ferocious beast snarling at me, Bec and John. It had long peg-like teeth and ferocious eyes that silently spoke danger and hate. Don't ask me where it came from or why it was there because I had no idea. I noticed that the sky had turned grey and cloudy and great flashes of lightning split the sky. "Run!!" shouted Bec over the screams and snarls of the beast. Without a moment's hesitation we ran from the fearsome creature. The tall buildings of the [[#|city]] were no longer surrounding us and all we could see was endless red sand. It seemed like we had been running for hours. My heart pounded and my chest ached. Somehow I had lost John and Bec and I stood alone surrounded by a sea of red sand and flames. Wherever I was I knew I was far from home. A salty river of tears streamed down my face as I sat down and sobbed. (Heather)

When I was standing I was thinking were are Bec and John I looked then I was walking home and then one tall big man came to me and said if you give me [[#|money]] I will give your friends. Then I said. To the man were are my friends. The robber said that [[#|my friend]] are at marry street.the robber did not [[#|now]] what I was thinking so he told me and Istarted sprinting like lighting to marry street. When I arrived I saw my friends and I started untied Bec and John westarted running but the robber said a trapp.we were stuck Bec had a pin and she said that she Knows how unlocke locks. We were out we started running how but the someone took me.(Brendan.t)

so even something worse the day just won't get better.firstly i had the annoying little bro of john ,and next i had the beast... [[#|the red]] sand dunes of swirling flames, it was good that i had escaped but [[#|now]] I've been kidnapped. what next. if you want to know this is what happened. i got kidnapped by this big man in a dark black hood. he was driving while on the other side of the car a man with a beanie was holding us in bags made of wool. i scrambled and rummaged and then remembered my Swiss army knife. i cut and cut and cut until i could see the door unlocked. i cut a bit more and then sprinted for it. of course i told john and Bec my plan but when i looked at the speed i had the shock of my life. (alex(:)

He was driving at 2000kmph!!!!!!!!!! I looked out the window. Wait, where was it??? I looked around the thing we were in.I looked to the front. Belive it or not, there was no windscreen!!Oh boy, how do these dudes know where they are going??Aaaaaaah!!! incoming!!!were gonna crash!!Okay, I need to start thinking on how were gonna get out of here.i looked around to try and spot the nearest door.But first i needed to find out how to get bec and john out of their trance. they were what i though frozen with fear. (zoe(:p)

Suddenly, I saw a dead kangaroo lying on the road. It had bugs and flies and all the disgusting insects you could think of crawling on its red back.It was about 1km away from the car so the car was speeding towards it. I panicked and started shouting to them that the kangaroo was going to ruin whatever vehicle we were in. But they didn't listen and drove even faster. I glanced at the speedometer. It showed 9999999kmph!!!!!!!!!!! Now I was really freaking out. Bec panicked and screamed so loud that I think my eardrums burst. I couldn't bear to look at the kangaroo getting run over. I closed my eyes, but then I opened them and saw we were 1 metre away from it!!!! I was paralyzed from all that was happening. Suddenly, I heard a weird screeching noise.(Daniel) (>:O)

A large bird was soaring towards the [[#|car]]. I screamed and thought "could this day get any worse. Oh great another car coming towards us." A large mirror suddenly appeared and the car went straight through it! we appeared in a dry baron landscape with what looked to be without any trees or inhabitants except one gloomy old house on the horizon. so naturally we headed for it and thats when things got bad. I mean REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!
we were driving really fast when i realised that the robber and his ally had disappeared! i was delighted but not for long because who was driving the car! the cars tyre hit a boulder and the car was flipping head over heels until it stopped, on its back the car suddenly exploded in flame and i got a long burn on my forearm. the pain was excruciating like someone was running a red hot knife up my arm.(Jana)

[[#|Back]] to my terrible story. I turned around and guess what? Well you must have guessed that horrible old robber was back. but this time he had company. Not good!!!!! so as normal people would we ran towards the old tower like house sort of place. We knocked but nobody answered, so like Goldilocks we opened the door the noise from the door scared me even more (it was like the noise from horror movies). It was all dark and suddenly... SLAM!!!!! the door smashed closed. Then i felt something slimy going around my ankles it was like a snake but slimy. {Mia} { ;) }

I looked down and saw a big snail it was the size of a football and then it spoke to me and it said my name is BOB.I was shocked i never new snails could talk so i said you scared me thinking he could understand me luckely he could he said i'm sorry i just thought you were a tree.So we started talking.I told him about how much i liked trains but before i could say anything else we heard a KABOOOM we went up the stairs and found that the roof was burning we quickly went down to the bacement and got hoses we came back up but in was to late the fire was huge it send the roof falling down i was thinking that a unicorn could just fly down and pick us up.And at that exact moment a unicorn flew down we got on and we rode away we were saved.Made

As we were flying away a bit of flamy wood broke of and landed on my foot. I screamed and so did the snail,then the unicorn got scared too so it shook the wood of my foot and then it went falling down.... And so did we! The snail and I were falling down so fast that my face went purple and I stopped breathing. We only had a few more metres to go until we were flat down on the ground. Then all of a sudden a bunch of pillows stacked up before us to give us a comfortable landing, I was parylized thinking to myself I almost just got flattened like a piece of dough. I started to gain consciousness and hopped of the stack of pillows and put the big snail on the branch of a tree and left with great adventurous feelings. After that i thought to myself and said " this day just keeps on getting weirder and weirder by the second." ( Jules ) :-) :-)

I sat up and looked at what saved me again. I was sitting on a magic carpet. The snail was sitting on me but pale as a ghost. "WHATS WRONG WITH ME, FIRST I'M SAVED BY A UNICORN WITH WINGS AND NOW I'M SAVED BY A MAGIC CARPET!" I yelled. Suddenly I smelt smoke behind me, I looked back and found flames on the magic carpets. I tried to blow it off but it got worse everytime I blew it. The magic carpet stopped and fell right down to the ground. Luckily there was a big stack of leafs on there and we landed safely down. "Sssshhhhhhhh" I said to the snail. "Someone or something is in the bush watching us." ( Chloe )

A pair of eyes, the disturbing color of blood, stare at me and I get a weird sensation that if I run it will follow but if I stay still I will probably get eaten. As I was processing this ,the creature had been eating Snail Bob! The creature had dark brown fur and jagged teeth. I SCREAMED!!!

    • As i got up to run i felt something on my sholder i looked to the side and saw a figure it was dark so i couldn't make out who it was but it motioned me to follow it, i took my chances as i followed it it droped back and took my hand it's hand felt soft too soft it felt allmost invisible out of knowere i thought could this stranger be a ghost. (nina)

      I had had no choice but to follow him down the track. After all the ferocious creature is still munching on poor snail Bob.I still have a chance of escape I still don`t know who he is, he just might be a nice creature or person I met before like the unicorn.Anyway his cold chilly grasp was horrible and I was lead to this mysterious cave, I wanted to escape but the strangers first question was ''are you okay?''by goly gosh its actually John but his grown much taller and he is a teenager!!!!!!!!!!(MICHAEL)
    • was this some kind of joke?if it is, then i will soooooooo get my revenge! "where's Bec?" i finally asked. "she's in here" john replied. i looked around the corner and you will not belive what i saw!!?? zoe:P