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Camilla and Tara:

Miss Brodie:
Excellent use of grahics
and images to support text.
Bianca- I like the picture and they match the information, I also like the ending where you said that china is really the place of your dreams. Great Job
Angela- I liked the consistency in your picture, as it carries on slide by slide.
Lavender-i liked how you did everything it was really good


Bianca and Lavender:

Angela-The background is
good and it supports your
Ayesha- your brochure was really good! I really like the repetive headings and top borders.
Velvet - The info is good and the pictures are also really good!!!!
Joshua: I really liked the information that you put in and it was organised.


Bianca-The background is
good and it's matches the
scene and I like it how you
put in that extra fact on the
trains in Shanghai. Great Job.
Thomas- Your slide show is really good
the background is epic and the facts were really good.
Lavender-the background was really good. i liked all of the information it was really cool.
nice project
In the start I liked the picture of the old man it was really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bianca- I like the way you said that Let's Go To China, it's really catchy and it's good because it's the beginning. Great Jobs
Lavender-i loved the way you said lets go to china it was cool.
i like all your picture and cool effects.
Gabe- I liked your quick facts, they were very interesting
Henry-I like the facts and the slide show really made me want to go to china even though I lived there for 6-7 years.


Ayesha, Chloe
Gabe- I liked the snake 8 picture, it was kinda cool and funny


Phillip and John

Velvet and Polina


Matthew I loved your presentation!!! Im serious this is one of the best presentations Ive seen and I love all of the info you put in, your presentation really made me want to go to china! - Brenden